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Akif Matin

Akif Matin

“ You have to learn to lose before you can win “.

Akif Matin is a mathematics enthusiast, especially on algorithmic probability structures on big data sets.
After studying from St Joseph High School and DRMC, he thought about expanding his quench of knowledge on applicational mathematics through studying Bsc in engineering. While studying engineering, he found concrete and continuous mathematical patterns in every aspect, and obviously, he related those to fundamental data sets as well as trading charts too.

His journey in trading began from 2010 to till date. In this journey, he had the opportunity to emphasize his skills and results in predicting fundamental aspects into trading charts, along with systematic trading techniques.

In his journey as a trader and mentor, he has coached many trade enthusiasts, and later on, he had the opportunity to work with a CFD broker for 6 years. In this journey, he also tried to gather more scopes of his skills engagement into larger scale monetization, and for that, Akif worked with 3 proprietary trading firms too, having an evaluation passing record on the lowest 7 trading days.

Skills are earned and so does fortune, which Favours only the brave and bold. Akif always believes, we together can make our journey more glorified and more thoughtful in discovering the ways to behave according to the trading chart movements.

Hopefully, our journey keeps going on and we all can be beneficial. 

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