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Welcome to Forex Signal Service, your trusted partner in the world of Forex trading signals.
We are a dedicated team of experienced professionals committed to helping traders like you make informed decisions in the dynamic Forex market.
With our reliable signals and expert analysis, we aim to empower you with the tools and knowledge needed to enhance your trading performance and achieve your financial goals.

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Why You Choose Us?

Consistent Result

Our goal is to deliver an unparalleled trading experience to you with our profitable trading solution.

Professional Mentors

Our professional traders relentlessly work hard to identify your best possible trading opportunities.

24 / 7 Online support

Our mission is to provide quality forex signals and high-quality education through various courses.

Market Analysis


Our Missons

Our team consists of skilled traders and market analysts who possess a deep understanding of the Forex market.
We meticulously analyze a wide range of fundamental and technical indicators, closely monitor market trends,
and employ advanced algorithms to identify potential trading opportunities. Our signals are generated through a rigorous process of research and analysis,
ensuring that you receive high-quality information to guide your trading decisions.

Meet Our Team

Rana Das

Rana Das

CEO and Founder.
Elliott Wave Analyst and Mentor.
Khandakar Amin

Khandakar Amin

Price Action Trader and Instructor
Akif Matin

Akif Matin

Fundamental Trader and Instructor

Discover The Advantages Of Trading With Us!

Obviously, not all our trades have been winners. That would be unrealistic.
We aim for strong growth but when trading on your own account you will do so at your own risk.
Please make sure that you have a good risk management plan. We will provide details on risk management in our welcome pack.

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