Forex Trading Course: Learn To Trade Forex By Yourself

Forex Trading Course: Unlocking Profitable Trading Strategies- Navigate the complexities of financial markets, particularly the vast Forex market with over 2 trillion dollars exchanged daily, and learn how to profit from these transactions. Check out what you’re going to learn!”

Welcome to the New Pro Trader Course Version 2: Mastery with CEO Rana Das!
Unlock the secrets of successful trading with our comprehensive program, meticulously designed to elevate your skills to new heights. Led by renowned expert CEO Rana Das, this course offers a unique blend of Elliott Wave and price action methods, making learning easy and effective.
**Price Action Mastery:**
####Level 1…

1. **Law Of Supply and Demand:** Understand the fundamental forces driving price movements.
2. **Fractals And Power Of Candlesticks:** Harness the insights of candlestick patterns for strategic trading.
3. **S/R Trendlines:** Master the art of identifying support and resistance levels for precise entries and exits.
4. **Using Fibonacci and Oscillators:** Utilize advanced tools like Fibonacci retracements and oscillators to enhance your trading strategies.
5. **90% Accuracy Chart Patterns:** Learn to identify high-probability chart patterns with exceptional accuracy.
6. **Trade and Money Management Guidelines:** Develop effective trade and money management strategies to optimize your trading performance.

**Elliott Wave Mastering:**

1. **Understanding Elliott Wave:** Delve into the history and significance of Elliott Wave theory.
2. **Elliott Wave and Fibonacci:** Explore the synergy between Elliott Wave theory and Fibonacci analysis.
3. **MACD and Wave Truncation:** Utilize MACD and wave truncation analysis for precise market insights.
4. **Wave Extension and Retrace:** Learn to calculate wave extensions and retracements using Fibonacci tools.
5. **Techniques for Wave End Identification:** Master techniques for identifying the end of waves using candles and channels.
6. **Rules and Guide Lines:** Implement essential rules and guidelines for effective trading based on Elliott Wave theory.
7. **Structure and Pattern of Corrective Waves:** Understand the structure and patterns of corrective waves for strategic trading.
8. **Corrective Wave Complex Patterns:** Explore complex patterns and guidelines for trading corrective waves.
9. **Harmonic Patterns:** Discover the significance of harmonic patterns in Elliott Wave analysis.
10. **Psychology in Trading Setup:** Unveil the psychological aspects of trading setup and build mental resilience for success.


####Level 2
Practicing RD Zone Trading Strategy..
Psychology Build with SWOT Analysis, D. Cycle, Kaizen and 3M trading.


**Course Enroll Details:**

– **Fee:** $400
**Language:** Hindi, English
**Money Back Guarantee:** Within 3 months of course enrollment
**CEO Rana Das Challenge:** Follow all course rules to become a profitable trader or claim a 100% refund.
– **Lifetime Access:** Gain lifetime access to our exclusive Trading Room, where you can participate in live trading sessions with CEO Rana Das.

Enroll today to embark on your journey towards trading mastery! Contact us via Telegram to secure your place in this transformative course.

Mastering the Fundamentals: A Comprehensive Forex Trading Course: Akif Matin

Basic part has explanation on monetary policies and geopolitics and then basic fundamental news linkup

1. Knowing fundamental indicators and their basics ( cpi ppi nfp etc )

2. Geopolitics on trading and affect of news on market structures
3. introduction to AI on learning and trading markets

Intermediate part is to dig in more into fundamental indicators and news.

1. Inflation + recession + micro and macro economic approach on markets
2. CPI ppi etc financial indicator detail explanation with book references
3. knowing and finding the fundamental factors of different types of markets eg commodity, currency etc
4. politics and geopolitics of money and monetary policy
5. linking up all the information on fundamental factors for market assessment

Advanced fundamental is to just blend machine learning or simple projection algorithms into fundamental news dataset to acquire future projected values
  1. How to use AI and Google sheet to track down fundamental data sets
    2. data projection algorithm basics and implementation structures
    3. how to generate your own projection algorithm to track down fundamental factors and its consumption + distribution structures in the market 
Course Fee: 200$
Language : English.

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Forex Trading Course: Your Path to Profitable Trading-

This Forex trading course is made to help you enter the trading world step by step. Indeed, each part of the course is here to help you learn new concepts and also to help you achieve your goal of becoming a trader. From choosing the right broker to downloading MT4, talking about different types of analysis and many other things, you are never left alone in your learning. In other words, by the end of this course you will have your broker account set, all the platforms downloaded and everything else ready so you will be able to focus only on the trading and not thinking about anything else.

Also, this course will give you an introduction to different trading strategies since the main goal is to help you create your own trading plan. You will have all the required knowledge in trading money management analyze and any other field that is required to help you become a better trader. Also, there is a lot of practice in this Forex trading course and this is one of the reasons why it’s definitely a good choice to learn the basics of trading with it.

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