Forex high impact economic events

Forex High Impact Economic Events (19th February to 23th February)

Forex High Impact Economic Events (19th February to 23th February)


As the global financial markets remain dynamic, forex traders brace themselves for a week packed with Forex high impact economic events. From the United States to Europe and beyond, the upcoming week, from February 19th to February 23rd, promises significant developments that could shape currency trends. Let’s delve into the key USD-related, EUR-related, and other major news events, all adjusted to Bangladesh local time (GMT+6).

### USD-Related News:

**1. FOMC Minutes – A Glimpse into US Monetary Policy:**
– *Date & Time: February 22, 07:00 (GMT+6)*
– *Impact: High*
– *Currency: USD*

The release of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) minutes on February 22 at 07:00 local time will offer forex traders insights into the future direction of US monetary policy, influencing various USD currency pairs.

**2. Jobless Claims and Employment Data – Tracking Labor Market Trends:**
– *Date & Time: February 22, 01:30 (GMT+6)*
– *Impact: High*
– *Currencies: USD*

Jobless claims and employment data will be unveiled at 01:30 on February 22. These indicators are critical in assessing the health of the US labor market and can trigger significant movements in USD currency pairs.

**3. S&P Global Manufacturing and Services PMI – Gauging Economic Health:**
– *Date & Time: February 22, 02:45 (GMT+6)*
– *Impact: High*
– *Currency: USD*

The release of the S&P Global Manufacturing and Services PMI for the United States at 02:45 can provide valuable insights into the economic health of the nation. Forex traders should be attentive to potential market shifts.

**4. Existing Home Sales – Impact on Real Estate-Related Pairs:**
– *Date & Time: February 22, 02:00 (GMT+6)*
– *Impact: High*
– *Currency: USD*

The release of Existing Home Sales data at 02:00 on February 22 can significantly influence USD pairs, particularly those related to the real estate market.

### EUR-Related News:

**1. HCOB Manufacturing and Services PMI – Eurozone Economic Indicators:**
– *Date & Time: February 22, 19:15 – 20:00 (GMT+6)*
– *Impact: High*
– *Currency: EUR*

For traders focusing on the Euro (EUR), the Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) data for manufacturing and services sectors in Germany, France, and the Euro Area will be crucial between 19:15 and 20:00 on February 22.

**2. Eurozone CPI – Inflation Insights:**
– *Date & Time: February 22, 21:00 (GMT+6)*
– *Impact: High*
– *Currency: EUR*

The release of Eurozone Consumer Price Index (CPI) data at 21:00 on the same day will be closely watched by traders focusing on the Euro (EUR).

**3. Ifo Business Climate – German Economic Sentiment:**
– *Date & Time: February 23, 21:00 (GMT+6)*
– *Impact: High*
– *Currency: EUR*

On February 23 at 21:00, the Ifo Business Climate release in Germany will provide insights into the economic sentiment, impacting the Euro (EUR).

### Other Major News:

**1. RBA Meeting Minutes – Australian Dollar in Focus:**
– *Date & Time: February 20, 12:30 (GMT+6)*
– *Impact: High*
– *Currency: AUD*

The Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) meeting minutes, scheduled for February 20 at 12:30, will influence traders focusing on the Australian Dollar (AUD).

**2. Inflation Rate and CPI Data – Impact on the Canadian Dollar:**
– *Date & Time: February 20, 01:30 (GMT+6)*
– *Impact: High*
– *Currency: CAD*

Canada’s release of the Inflation Rate Year-on-Year and CPI data on February 20 at 01:30 will be crucial for traders focusing on the Canadian Dollar (CAD).

**3. Balance of Trade – Japan’s Economic Health:**
– *Date & Time: February 21, 11:50 (GMT+6)*
– *Impact: High*
– *Currency: JPY*

Japan’s Balance of Trade data will be closely monitored by traders focusing on the Japanese Yen (JPY) at 11:50 on February 21.

**4. Retail Sales and Consumer Confidence – New Zealand and the UK:**
– *Date & Time: February 23, 09:45 (NZD), 12:01 (UK)*
– *Impact: High*
– *Currencies: NZD, GBP*

Retail Sales data in New Zealand and Gfk Consumer Confidence in the UK, scheduled for February 23 at 09:45 and 12:01, respectively, will be important for traders involved in NZD and GBP pairs.


Forex traders in Bangladesh, operating in the GMT+6 time zone, need to stay vigilant during this eventful week. The Forex high impact economic events releases from various major economies can lead to increased volatility and trading opportunities. It’s essential to employ proper risk management and strategic decision-making to navigate potential market shifts successfully. Stay tuned for real-time analysis and updates as the week unfolds. Happy trading!

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