Gold Elliot wave theory Analysis

Gold Elliot wave theory Analysis:

Gold Elliot wave theory Analysis:

Gold Elliot wave theory Analysis:  I’ve observed that the primary wave cycle has concluded, and we are currently experiencing the impulse wave. This wave is exceptional as it has extended, and it represents Wave 1. My analysis of the sub-waves is influenced by my experience and expertise. In addition to that, the MACD and the current wave calculations for the sub-waves have been factored in. Notably, Wave 1 has already completed, and we’ve now embarked on Wave A. Subsequently, Wave B and C will follow, leading to Wave 2.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that, even as an experienced analyst, achieving a 100% prediction rate in the financial market is an unattainable goal. Thus, I strongly advise against blindly adhering to my analysis.

Rana Das.



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