Trainee forex trader jobs

### Trainee forex trader jobs

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**Position: Trainee Technical Analyst**

Hello everyone,

I’m Rana Das, the CEO and Founder of Forex Wave Expert. We have exciting opportunities for those interested in becoming Trainee Technical Analysts or blog writers with us. This post is for those who have interested regarding these job openings.

Here’s what you need to know:


1. **Trading Portfolio:** You should have a portfolio showcasing your trading experience.
2. **Exclusive Engagement:** Confirm that you are not engaged with any other groups, channels, or admin panels.
3. **Integrity:** We value decency and honesty in our team members.
4. **Active Follower:** You should be an active follower of Forex Wave Expert and regularly post on our social platforms.

Trainee forex trader jobs

**Facilities for Trainee Technical Analysts:**

1. **Access to Paid Channels:** Gain access to all our paid channels at Forex Wave Expert.
2. **Website Access:** Enjoy full access to our website.
3. **Social Accounts Access:** Utilize our social accounts for your work.
4. **Promotion Opportunity:** After 6 months, based on your performance, you may be promoted to Associate Technical Analyst.
5. **Salary Based on Activity:** As an Associate Technical Analyst, you will earn a salary based on your activity on our website.
6. **Portfolio Sharing:** Share your trading portfolio on our website and offer copy trading services.
7. **Future Promotions:** With excellent performance, you could be promoted to Assistant Trader or Fund Manager, earning additional income from Forex Wave Expert.

**Additional Benefits:**

– **Commission:** Trainee Technical Analysts will also earn a commission from specific earnings.

We always give extra priority to our paid or free course students. If you meet the above requirements and are eager to grow with us, we encourage you to apply!

Best regards,
Rana Das
CEO & Founder
Forex Wave Expert

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